Island Stone Cladding
About Stacked Pebble

With the Stacked Pebble, Island Stone has taken the Pebble tile in an exciting new direction, using the side edge of the pebble as the feature profile, rather than the flat face of the stone.  Stack these tiles on top of each other, then stand back and admire the effect!

With their uniform horizontal appearance, and varying pebble heights, our Stacked Pebble tiles create a unique, stylish contemporary look. Ideal for water features, large area feature walls and a host of other indoor and outdoor applications.

Stack Pebble & King Pebble in a Tropical Showerclick to see portfolio of installations »
Product Specifications
We are confident are products will exceed your expectations and we have performed  extensive testing on products throughout our range of offerings.  If you are an architect, designer or contractor looking for technical specifications on an Island Stone material, please contact us for tests and results.
Product Suggestions
The below products offer complementary looks that we recommend.  Design your own installations or see our portfolio for successful ideas.
Stacked Pebble

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Additional Shapes
B3 Border 150x300mm (note: smaller size stone)
B4 Border 100x300mm (note: smaller size stone)
B5 Border 80x300mm (note: smaller size stone)